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October 2015

The Trail Running Stage Centre is a pioneering project in Portugal carried out by Abutrica Association , in partnership with the Town Hall, New Town of Parish Councils and Miranda do Corvo , Baldios of Vila Nova . It consists of a nuclear building , the House of the Kings in Vila Nova, and a number of marked routes throughout the county where you can make direct contact with the county, the mountains, the fauna and the flora. That building still serves as a support to the activities of trail running and

In order to improve the safety of participants and the quality of the evidence , the Organization decided to limit entries to the following vacancies : Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 50Km : 600 athletes , and some places are reserved for foreigners, official partners , totalistic and members of ATRP ( Trail Running Association of Portugal ) Trilhos dos Abutres 27km : 500 athletes , and some places are reserved for foreigners, totalistic and the rest assigned by lot   There will be also 100 dorsal solidarity in which the value reverts to the House of