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Eco Responsability

Trilhos dos Abutres have been eco-responsible since 2011, having implemented environmental measures throughout the editions, such as the provision of an athlete’s cup in 2013 excluding disposable cups. This measure is used to this day.

The conservation of the natural environment is fundamental in trail running and there is a need to raise awareness of people to adopt an eco-responsible attitude.

The creation of the first Trail Running Center in Portugal was also an important advance in the environmental area, since there was an optimization of the routes with the appropriate signage, causing the athlete not to damage unlabeled environmental zones.

Another relevant aspect was the reduction of the number of places in each race since 2014 (around 100 in each event), in order to reduce the human burden on the environment.

The investment in digital platforms in 2017 represented a reduction of 5,000 sheets of printing paper.

The organization is increasingly investing in reusable signage to reduce about 10km of tape used annually.

Recently, it has established a partnership with Ersuc, with the aim of creating a system of selective collection for the disposal of packaging waste from the public and participating entities in the various areas of the event (ceremonies, Expotrail, gastronomic market, supplies, etc.),

The Associação Abutrica has already presented other projects that aim to reduce the ecological footprint.
This will be our main focus.

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