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Associação Abutrica


Why Abutres? Abutres story begins in 2003, when a group of friends decided to take part in a futsal tournament and needed to put a name on their team. Abutres arose, due to the expression used much in the adolescents in Miranda at that time. This group appeared in a simple way in February of this year, with the intention of having a weekly fun … a tradition that is held every Monday night.

Hey, what a Gala … It is then decided to create a Christmas dinner for the team that later evolved into the Gala Abutrica. It is a ceremony to honor the members who stood out during the year, in several categories, the most important being “Abutre of the Year”. It is indeed a mythical event within the abutric community, where there is no lack of fun.

Off-road vehicle group
Downhill Team

Between 2003 and 2009 new elements appeared and fans of other modalities; downhill, motor sports, btt and trail running. With the growth of the  Abutres group, the creation of an Association would be a natural process, emerging on February 17th the Associação Abutrica. Then came various activities, fruit of dreams that we were building;

The Associação Abutrica set out for a solidarity adventure, traversing several disadvantaged areas of Morocco. The Dorsal Solidário – Trilhos dos Abutres, allows to raise funds for entities of Miranda do Corvo, who have a structuring action on earth. Firefighters Volunteers, Casa do Gaiato, Filarmónica Mirandense and Rádio Dueça, were the beneficiary entities.


Abutres Cup 2010, with the aim of revitalizing a place where in the 70’s, there were tournaments.

Abutres TT 2010, a motorized adventure by our mountains.


Trilhos dos Abutres 2011… the beginning of an epic race!


Created in 2013, ABUTRES TRAIL RUNNING SCHOOL (ATRS) is a trail running training project (the first project in Portugal), aimed at sensitizing children to the fragilities of their surroundings and to their preservation, conservation and the need to live in communion with the environment. The main objective is not to train elite athletes but rather better aware children for various problems. If in the future they become good trail running athletes so much the better. The Trail Running and Btt Training Center translates into a use of the Abutres and Btt Paths for its activation during the year. It was the first Internship Center of the genre, with conditions of excellence for the practice of modalities. The future will be a commitment to reduce the environmental impact resulting from our events or other activities practiced in our territory, promoting the proper waste management.


Abutres BTT 2014, pedaling through the Trilhos dos Abutres.


The Associação Abutrica will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, culminating in the “Trail World Championships” and the 10 special editions of the various events; Abutres TT and Gala Abutrica (2009), Abutres Cup and Trilhos dos Abutres (2020). A journey marked by excellence, thanks to the rigor, ambition and professionalism of the members, who promote the region, more concretely Miranda do Corvo and Serra da Lousã to every corner of the world. Not forgetting also the commitment of all volunteers, companies and public entities that were fundamental to the success of our Association. Special thanks to the Câmara Municipal of Miranda do Corvo that leveraged all our projects.


It was a special edition of the 10th Trilhos dos Abutres, which revealed the Trail Ultra National Champions. Over 3 days dedicated to trail running, in partnership with ATRP – Trail Running Association of Portugal, athletes, and
all its supporters, had the opportunity to live and experience another great sporting event.