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Trilhos dos Abutres


The first edition of the Trilhos dos Abutres starting at José Falcão Square, chosen venue for the 2019 Trail World Championships, after 8 years. With a distance of 37km, the charismatic Luíz Mota was the fastest among 180 finishers. Susana Simões was the female winner.


The event comes with two distances of 47 and 21 kms. All the logistics go to the Municipal Pavilion, where the first Feira Abutrica is created. Armando Teixeira, wins the Ultra, and Carlos Sá, mythical Portuguese athlete, wins the shortest distance. Trilhos Junior José Godinho also appears, which would be an inspiration to the Abutres Trail Running School.


Pedro Hernández Sánchez came with ideas to win, but the young Nuno Silva nullified the claims of the Spanish athlete. It has been proven to this day that the ``Abutres`` are not for beginners. Gloria Serrazina, godmother of the event, ended up toasting us with a victory.


Registration expires in 15 minutes! Nuno Silva returns to win the race queen, followed by André Rodrigues. The experience in the race, was preponderant for the victory. Ester Alves, made the best time in the 47km. Diogo Fernandes wins the short race and begins to ``give letters`` on the national trail.


The 1500 places in 5 minutes, some totalists and elite athletes are left out. 48 hours of uninterrupted rain provoked an epic scenario for many ... The organization in a race against time had to evaluate the conditions of the course. Ricardo Silva was the great winner of this EPIC edition, finishing up to become Ultra Trail Champion this year, by ATRP.


This is the year of the controversial draw, unique in Portugal! The strong interest also of the exhibitors, made that the organization transferred the event to the Municipal Market. David Quelhas was the successor to the abutric throne. Lucinda Sousa wins in the women's sector, and Paulo Sousa returns to conquer the short of the Abutres.


After two second places, it would be André Rodrigues' year! Rookie Mercedes Pilar wins, and gets a fantastic 41st place overall. Tiago Romão wins in the 30km. The first Downtrail in Portugal is inaugurated, with a distance of 15km.


Jordi Gamito, Dmitry Mityaev, Mario Sancha and the best athletes of today in Portugal, prove the great competitiveness of the Abutres, even with all competition André Rodrigues takes the Abutre home, with a record time of 4H44m36s. Also remember for Ekaterina Mityaeva who wins and reaches the 38th place of the general. Romeu Gouveia reaches the victory in the 30km and Cristiano Santos wins the shortest race.


Jonathan Albon and Blandine L´hirondel make history at Miranda do Corvo and become world trail running champions. At the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres race, Pedro Ribeiro and the Spanish Susana Rodríguez Echeverría were the great winners of this ninth edition.


Special edition, 19/20 Ultra Trail Championship. André Rodrigues and Mariana become National Trail Ultra Champions by winning the race, and the champion team was the Trail Team Bifase. The passport to the Republic of Abutres marked the beginning of a new era.

Welcome to the Trilhos dos Abutres!