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Trilhos dos Abutres, "An EPIC race". Portuguese Ultra trail Running, from Miranda do Corvo

André Rodrigues is the new National Trail Ultra Champion

1893 athletes, from 19 different nationalities, ready to compete on those that are the most epic trails in Portugal. So yesterday morning started!

The heavy rain that fell in the previous days, did promise a muddy environment during the race, a fact that later proved to be real, and that challenged the bravery of the athletes.



In the competitive field, André Rodrigues led early, passing the 17 km with 1:32h. He was followed by Nuno Silva and João Cruz, disputing the 2nd and 3rd place.
At 36 km, Bruno Silva reaches 2nd place, dethroning Nuno Silva and taking the place on the podium.

Mary Vieira and Mariana Machado disputed the 1st place until 44km, after which Mariana Machado took the lead, continuing until the goal, thus becoming the winner of the Trail Ultra Championship race of the Trail Running Association of Portugal.



Andrew Obrien and João Lopes, km 21, competed for 1st place with only seconds of difference. They were joined by Joel Gomes at 26 km, who ended up cutting the goal in 3rd place.

On the female side, the competition was consistent throughout the race, with the positions of Susana Rodriguez, Andreia Almeida and Lina Marques being maintained throughout the 30km.

The goal was cut in 1st place overall by André Rodrigues, who became National Trail Ultra Champion.



55 km

Men’s General (Ultra Trail Championship)
André Rodrigues
Bruno Silva
João Cruz

Women’s General (Ultra Trail Championship)
Mariana Machado
Mary Vieira
Paula Barbosa

Men’s Teams (Ultra Trail Championship)
Trail Team Bifase
Oralklass – Amigos do Trail
OCS Arrábida Trail Team

Women’s Teams (Ultra Trail Championship)
Oralklass – Amigos do Trail
Montanha Clube Trail Running Efapel
EDV – Viana Trail


30 km

Men’s General
João Lopes
Andrew Obrien
Joel Gomes

Women’s General
Susana Rodriguez
Andreia Almeida
Lina Marques

Men’s Teams
Zona Alta Trail
DCI/ Trilhos Luso Bussaco
Fridão Sem Limites

Women’s Teams
Zona Alta Trail
Coimbra Trail Running
Boavista Trail


21 km

Men’s General
Jorge Manuel
Rui Figueiredo
Ricardo Carreira

Women’s General
Sofia Roquete
Elisabete Santos
Célia Neto

Men’s Teams
Montanha Clube Trail Running Efapel
Runners do Demo
Atletismo Clube da Tocha

Women’s Teams
GDR Granja – Trutas do Mau
Gear Up


The public stood out for the strong emotions that it lived and made felt in all the athletes that passed by itself, an epic edition is made, also, of an exceptional public, that proved to be at the level of this 10th edition.

The streaming took place on our social networks, facebook and youtube.

Yesterday night ended with the athletes’ award at the ATRP gala, at 10 pm, at Casa das Artes, in Miranda do Corvo.

We celebrate the 10th abutrica edition, and for that reason we want everyone to feel at home. To this end, we launched the passport that allows you to enter the “Republic of Abutres”, in order to bring athletes closer to the local community.
Traveling to this mythical place implies a passport, where it is possible to stamp all editions, record the times, ranking, places of passage in Miranda do Corvo and, still, save for the next editions.


Source: Cream Sports Agency