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The previous UTA ​​winners talked with us and have a lot to say! Recommendations, 2019TWC among others, are the topics discussed.   LUÍS MOTA (2011) Q: What distinguishes the Trilhos dos Abutres from other national races? A: The "Abutres" were born in a simple way, in a fire station, by the advices of the charismatic trail personalities and learning of some young people of Miranda do Corvo. It is a mixture of teaching, of the most experienced and learning of young adventurers. There is hardly any athlete in Portugal who has not yet participated, or

   Ultra Sanabria by Stages is a partner of Trilhos dos Abutres! This is a mountain event that will take place in the Natural Park of Lake Sanabria and its surroundings in Zamora. October 9 to 13, 2019, in an edition that will include the following distances:   Glacier Race = 256km (11000+) Ultra = 110km (6000+) 3 steps GTSA = 62km (3000+) Masa = 42km (2400+) GPDZ = 33km (1640+) GPCR = 20km (700+)   These tracks will pass through the splendid Natural Park of the Lake of Sanabria where the athletes will be able to enjoy its fantastic landscapes. The children

We talked to the former female winners of UTA and found out what changed after the victory for them, as well as the specifics of the tracks. And they also gave recommendations to next participants!   CÁRMEN PIRES (2012) Q: What distinguishes the Trilhos dos Abutres from other national races? A: The Trilhos dos Abutres distinguish themselves from the other races by their excellent organization and the unique landscapes that we witness every km. Q: What has changed for you after the victory at the Trilhos dos Abutres? A: My victory at the Trilhos dos Abutres

Tiago Araújo, takes the Trail Running World Championships to the “Nas 4 Linhas”, program of the Porto Canal television channel, and revealed some news! This year, record numbers have been reached in terms of number of teams and athletes present in the Championship, with 53 teams and 400 athletes scheduled. The Center of Portugal will be the scenery of this event and promises to leave all the spectators marveling at the nooks and crannies of the region. Watch here:  

The Abutre woke up! Last Friday, the 2019TWC Presentation Gala was held. But, the most awaited moment, was the draw of pre-registered for the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2019. We leave here the complete list of all the raffles, with the first 200 had direct entry and received SMS to complete the registration: ⚠️ If, within 3 days, they did not make the registration regularization (payment), the registration is canceled, consequently losing the vacancy, which reverts to the next athlete on the waiting list. ⚠️ No new payment references will be issued, as indicated

"O Abutre acordou” (the Vulture woke up). So says the official song of Trilhos dos Abutres, first released at the 2019 Trail World Championship Gala. And the framework could not be better: officially, the event that brings to Portugal the best of the world has begun this weekend in Miranda do Corvo.   With the presence of distinguished entities and athletes, the Gala of presentation of the 2019 Trail World Championships, and drawing for the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres, took place last friday, at the Casa das Artes de Miranda do Corvo.   The

It is in this beautiful space, the House of Arts of Miranda do Corvo, that on January 11th, we will make the Official Presentation of the event of the Trail World Championship, and, most important of all, we hold the draw of the participants to participate in the edition 2019 of the UTA-Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres. The event will be attended by the former winners of the Trilhos dos Abutres, the President of the Portuguese Athletics Federation, the President of the Portuguese Trail Running Association, as well as Trail Running World

The Abutres were present at one of the largest and most media sporting events in the world, the UTMB, a Trail Running event that runs for 170km in France, Italy and Switzerland, leading to Chamonix a characteristic house in Gondramaz, one of the main Aldeias do Xisto which are part of the Miranda do Corvo region, which will host the next edition of the Trail World Championship. A unique and distinctive image of the other stands of the fair!

The 2019 World Running Trail Championship was officially presented today at the Convento de S. Francisco in Coimbra. It is confirmed that between June 6 and 9, 2019, the center of Portugal will be the center of the world in trail running. The best national and international mountain racing athletes will test the limits of their stamina in the most iconic race of the 2019 Trail World Championships. The sporting event will be part of the Trilhos dos Abutres, in Miranda do Corvo, a reference in Portugal. This candidacy was one of