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The Abutres 2019 TWC was an event immensely attended and sought by the specialized media (but not only), national and international. With the presence of 50 foreign journalists, 35 Portuguese journalists, television, 4 national radios, 1 Spanish radio, and even live broadcast to Asia, it is no wonder that this epic event has echoed throughout the four corners of the world. In the months that preceded the event, there was a lot of news that were making known the preparation of the national teams, the stages, and the lists of subscribers as

In the World Championship tracks once again the victory stays home and the Portuguese Pedro Ribeiro is the first to cut the finish line The open race of Trilhos dos Abutres was held today in Miranda do Corvo and the athletes ran the tracks that the day before were ran by the National Teams The most famous tracks of Miranda do Corvo were today ran by more than 800 athletes, from more than 100 different countries. The atmosphere was festive and the public was extraordinary giving support to all who took the

France is the great winner of the 2019 Trail World Championships held in Portugal Miranda do Corvo received the best athletes of the World of Trail Running. Portugal finished in 5th place collective men and 10th place collective women. For the second time in history, Portugal organized the 2019 World Trail Championships, a race that took place today on the tracks of Serra da Lousã, with start and finish line in Miranda do Corvo part of Trilhos dos Abutres, one of the most emblematic events of trail running in Portugal, already with

Coimbra receives, with open arms, the 2019TWC Opening Ceremony: 5 Continents, 52 National Teams and more than 500 athletes, with their representatives   Portugal is, in these days, the World Capital of Trail Running, hosting the 2019 Trail World Championships, a track included in Trilhos dos Abutres, which will take place on June 8 in Miranda do Corvo. Today, on June 7, at 11 a.m. in Coimbra, there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm on the streets with the parade of the 52 national teams. The teams and their representatives started at Largo da

The City Hall of Miranda do Corvo together with the Abutric Association initiated the movement "We are all Trail World Championships". This movement to support the portuguese national trail running team in particular, and the Trail World Championships in general, aims to involve the population, "dress" the city for the party and show the hospitality so typical of the Portuguese people. So join us and express your national pride by putting a flag on your window! We count on you to support our selection! Let's dress Miranda do Corvo properly!

First, a brief history of Portugal Over the centuries, Portugal was occupied by the Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths and Moors. Portugal lived a relatively peaceful century until the XI century. The Moors were expelled by King Fernando I of Leon and Castile, Portugal was declared as an independent nation in 1143 and, in 1255, Lisbon became the nation's capital. During the XIV and XV centuries, Portugal developed as one of the most powerful nations in the world, with colonies in Brazil, Malacca, Goa and Macau. In 1755, a devastating earthquake originated a tsunami that completely

Prozis X-Motion range was chosen by the FPA / ATRP to dress the Portuguese team at the Trail World Championships. One of the main goals was making sure the athletes wore comfortable, reliable clothing so as to promote maximum performance. Several options were considered, and the choice fell to the specific Trail Running clothing line by Prozis: the new X-Motion range launched last February (National team equipment photo/Jersey with green and red details with the word Portugal). The key words were comfort, lightness and reliability. The ideal balance between comfort and performance

Athletes who will participate in the 2019TWC and Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres, must keep in mind the following info: The warnings about the track, Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres (June 9) will be made at the following event (we recommend "Going"):   The athletes of national teams receive the information directly by their responsible, although, there is an event only for the national teams (we recommend that you put "Going"):   All the information about the course, altimetry, supplies, mandatory material ..: UTA (June 9): TWC (June 8): Events Program:

An epic event needs an epic playlist! Trilhos dos Abutres always excelled in having good music throughout their events, energy-packed music to cheer up all the athletes who are preparing to run the tracks, or who reach the finish line with accomplished mission. That's why we have created a playlist for the Abutres to accompany you in your training and / or your races, and to feel the motivation and strength of the Abutres always with you.