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Representatives of entities such as the Portuguese Trail Running Association, the Portuguese Athletics Federation, ITRA, Turismo Centro de Portugal, Aldeias do Xisto, the Mayor of Miranda do Corvo and, of course, the National Trail Ultra Champions, are some of the speakers that will be present in the debate organized by Associação Abutrica on the date that the 11th edition of Trilhos dos Abutres would be celebrated. The event will kick off with the release of a film, which will consist of a compilation of the best moments of the race

"Abutricas" Greetings to all athletes, We hope, and wish, that everyone is healthy and safe. Due to the pandemic situation we are experiencing, and its future unpredictability, both in society, in general, and in sports events, in particular, we regret to inform you that the 2021 edition of the Trilhos dos Abutres will not take place. This difficult position stems from 4 points that we consider essential: The health and safety of all athletes. As you know, the event gathers about 2,000 athletes, of 19 nationalities, with an age

1893 athletes, from 19 different nationalities, ready to compete on those that are the most epic trails in Portugal. So yesterday morning started! The heavy rain that fell in the previous days, did promise a muddy environment during the race, a fact that later proved to be real, and that challenged the bravery of the athletes.   UTA55 In the competitive field, André Rodrigues led early, passing the 17 km with 1:32h. He was followed by Nuno Silva and João Cruz, disputing the 2nd and 3rd place. At 36 km, Bruno Silva reaches 2nd place,

The Trilhos dos Abutres will be, for the first time, Campeonato Nacional de Trail Ultra of the Associação de Trail Running de Portugal.. The word that best defines the organization every year is: overcoming! The Abutrica Association aims, precisely, to surpass the Trail World Championships hosted in 2019 and to highlight the Portuguese athletes who, in this 10th edition, will travel "the best course of all editions, with the fusion of the Trail Running World Championships course. and the classic Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres. " The organization, which receives many accolades every year,

The Trilhos dos Abutres Organization has put together some questions that have most often come to us via email and / or social networks, and provided answers so that you can consult and clarify questions about pre-registrations, entries, national championship, among others.   ❓WHERE DO I MAKE MY PRE-REGISTRATION / REGISTRATION? 👉   ❓WHAT DO I DO IF I DIDN'T RECEIVE THE PRE-REGISTRATION / REGISTRATION PROOF? 👉 You must re-enter the registration platform and confirm that you are already subscribed.   ❓I WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NATIONAL TRAIL CHAMPIONSHIP ULTRA 2020 WHAT SHOULD I DO? 👉 You must

Trilhos dos Abutres were awarded with the film for the Trail World Championships, made by Slideshow at Artetur “Festival Internacional de Turismo”. Slideshow competed with the film “Abutres 2019 Trail World Championships" at ART&TUR – International . Tourism Film, which this year took place in Torres Vedras, Leiria, from October 22 to 25. Voted by the International Jury of the ART & TUR2019 Festival - consisting of 25 experts from 15 countries - this film won 2nd place in the Active Tourism Category. This was the work of filmmaker Slideshow, in partnership with Cream , an activation

The Abutres 2019 TWC was an event immensely attended and sought by the specialized media (but not only), national and international. With the presence of 50 foreign journalists, 35 Portuguese journalists, television, 4 national radios, 1 Spanish radio, and even live broadcast to Asia, it is no wonder that this epic event has echoed throughout the four corners of the world. In the months that preceded the event, there was a lot of news that were making known the preparation of the national teams, the stages, and the lists of subscribers as

In the World Championship tracks once again the victory stays home and the Portuguese Pedro Ribeiro is the first to cut the finish line The open race of Trilhos dos Abutres was held today in Miranda do Corvo and the athletes ran the tracks that the day before were ran by the National Teams The most famous tracks of Miranda do Corvo were today ran by more than 800 athletes, from more than 100 different countries. The atmosphere was festive and the public was extraordinary giving support to all who took the

France is the great winner of the 2019 Trail World Championships held in Portugal Miranda do Corvo received the best athletes of the World of Trail Running. Portugal finished in 5th place collective men and 10th place collective women. For the second time in history, Portugal organized the 2019 World Trail Championships, a race that took place today on the tracks of Serra da Lousã, with start and finish line in Miranda do Corvo part of Trilhos dos Abutres, one of the most emblematic events of trail running in Portugal, already with

Coimbra receives, with open arms, the 2019TWC Opening Ceremony: 5 Continents, 52 National Teams and more than 500 athletes, with their representatives   Portugal is, in these days, the World Capital of Trail Running, hosting the 2019 Trail World Championships, a track included in Trilhos dos Abutres, which will take place on June 8 in Miranda do Corvo. Today, on June 7, at 11 a.m. in Coimbra, there was an atmosphere of enthusiasm on the streets with the parade of the 52 national teams. The teams and their representatives started at Largo da