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Trail Running Stage

The Trail Running Training Center is a pioneering project in Portugal carried out by the Associação Abutrica, in partnership with the Câmara Municipal de Miranda do Corvo, Aldeias do Xisto, Juntas de Freguesia de Vila Nova and Miranda do Corvo, Baldios de Vila Nova.

It consists of a nuclear building, the Casa do Reis, in Vila Nova, and a series of routes marked by the whole county, where it is possible to make a direct contact with the county, the mountains, the fauna and the flora.

The building offers a range of facilities, a service station for bicycles and facilities for stay and training, helping the athletes to have the most adequate physical preparation, also making it possible to hold internships, small seminars or workshops.

To the building, they complement the networks of marked trail running and btt trails, as well as 3 more bicycle service stations, namely the BTT Center of the Aldeia do Xisto of Gondramaz, Quinta da Paiva and Semide.

14 cycle paths, with a total of about 230km, with 4 levels of difficulty, allow you to travel almost all of the county, pedaling a sense of pure air in the face, watching pine trees, oaks, chestnut trees … different colors and different landscapes along the year. Enduro, downhill and XC, are the aspects of btt that can be practiced in these rails.

The trail running courses travel through the mountains, enjoying the natural riches, providing unforgettable experiences such as sighting a deer, a wild boar or a squirrel, feeling the aroma of different species of flora, hearing the birds chirping … feel the challenge of climbing, run alongside a water line, down steep courses. These 4 marked routes offer 90 km of variety, with different levels of difficulty, and offer the opportunity to discover the territory of the Xisto (shale) territory, the network of castles and walls of the Mondego, the religious heritage of Semide, Senhor da Serra and Senhora da Piedade de Tábuas… Running through the streets of the historical center of Miranda do Corvo, by the green paths that connect the village to the mountains, discovering the beautiful and refreshing waterfalls, is to accept an enriching challenge.


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