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Basic registration info (FAQ´s)

As is already known by the trail running community, the Trilhos dos Abutres organization has opted, since the 2016 event, for a more conservative posture, making deep organic and structural changes.

In this sense, in order to maintain the event’s safety and quality levels, which have always been principles followed by this organization since the first event.

When will the registrarion period take place?

The registration period, for foreign athletes, starts on the 6th of October 2023.

Can I register and have direct access to one of the tests?

To gain direct entry to one of the event’s races, you must fulfil one of the following criteria:


Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres – 650 places

– 150 organisation (hotel pack, sponsors, solidarity bib, hotel packs, totalists, ITRA ranking, etc.)
– 300 draw*
– 100 foreigners
– 100 best results

>Best results
– Top 50 men in Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2022
– Top 50 women in Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2022

>Special offers

– Former winners of the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres;
– Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2022 podium (overall male and female);
– >850 ITRA Performance (50k-male);
– >700 ITRA Performance (50k-female);


Trilhos dos Abutres – 500 places

– 150 organisation (hotel pack, solidarity bib, sponsors, totalists, guests, itra ranking, etc.)
– 200 draw*
– 40 foreigners
– 60 best results
– 50 registered for the Vultures Skyrace 2023

*The draw will only take place if the number of pre-registrations exceeds the number of places for each race.

>Best results
– Top 30 men in Trilhos dos Abutres 2022
– Top 30 for women in Trilhos dos Abutres 2022

>Special Offers
– Former Trilhos dos Abutres winners
– Trilhos dos Abutres 2022 podium (overall male and female)
– >850 ITRA Performance (Half Marathon-male);
– >700 ITRA Performance (Half Marathon-female).


Mini Trilhos dos Abutres – 300 places

– 50 organisation (hotel pack, sponsors, national champions, solidarity bib, hotel packs, totalists, guests, itra ranking, etc.);
– 150 draw*;
– 20 foreigners
– 60 best results
– 30 entered in the 2023 Abutres Skyrace

>Top Results
– Top 30 men in the Mini Trilhos dos Abutres 2022;
– Top 30 women in Mini Trilhos dos Abutres 2022;

>Special offers
– Former winners of the Mini Trilhos dos Abutres;
– Mini Trilhos dos Abutres 2022 podium (overall male and female)

Will the exchange of entries between athletes be allowed?

Under point “3.3. Conditions for refunding the registration fee”, the organization will not allow the exchange of torso between athletes. The vacancies that are free due to withdrawal will be filled in the order of the list coming from the draw.

What are the unsubscribe conditions?

If the athlete wishes to cancel his/her registration, he/she should contact the organization by email, You must indicate all the information regarding your registration and the IBAN.

The refund period will be made in the following period:

  • Until December 31st, 2023: 50% of the amount will be refunded;
  • As of January 1st, 2024: no refund will be made.
What is eco-registration?

In this edition, and continuing the mission that Associação Abutrica has been developing in recent years, the protection of the environment and the reduction of the ecological footprint, it creates the eco-inscription. This registration aims to reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce the production of pollutants and naturally reduce the cost of registration. As it is still a test version, this edition will have a limitation of 20 places per test.

The eco-registration does not include the official event shirt.