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IX Trilhos dos Abutres® Edition Regulation

7, 8 and 9 of June 2019

Associação Abutrica 2018

1. Participation conditions

The pre-registration/registration in the IX Edition of the Trilhos dos Abutres® races presupposes the full acceptance of the rules established here.

In order to participate it is imperative:

To be conscious of the distances and specific difficulties of trail running, the positive and negative slope of these and to be adequately prepared, both physically and mentally.

Of having acquired, before the event, a real autonomous capacity in mountains that allows the management of the problems that arise from this type of races, namely:

  • Being able to face, without external aid, adverse weather and environmental conditions (heat, solar exposure);
  • Knowing how to handle physical or mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscular and joint pain, small injuries, etc.;
  • Not being accompanied by elements/athletes that aren´t registered in the race;
  • Taking all mandatory material during the race;
  • Placing your waste in the places provided by the organization.

Any kind of external aid outside of the locations defined by the organizations is not allowed, whereby the athlete must be conscious of their physical condition (see 1.3) and handle the problems that might arise in a mountaineering activity, in a safe way.

The organization defines specific areas that provide aid to the athlete, done by companions or team responsible elements. These areas are located next to supply zones, and are identified with signage and defined delimitations. In these areas the athlete can receive food and switch equipment. The athlete must keep the mandatory equipment, being able to leave/switch other non-mandatory equipment. The permanence in these areas is only allowed to companions or team elements, previously registered and identified. Each athlete will have to make a previous record to identify the support team elements. The support team members cannot access the athletes’ supply zones, nor solicit any kind of liquid supply.

The number of the race bib is personal and non-transferrable and should be used in the front part of the body, preferably at chest height, and must be visible at all times. In case of withdrawal, disqualification or time barring, the athlete is forced to deliver their race bib to the organization, without any loss if it is returned in the end of the race (in the finish line or secretariat).

The name and the logotype of sponsors cannot be modified or hidden.

The chip is placed in the race bib.

The infringement of these rules leads to the penalty set in article 2.11.

A bracelet will be placed on the athletes when retrieving their bag, which will allow them to have access to supply zones, massages and showers. The bracelet is personal and non-transferable.

Inadequate behaviour, as in using offensive language, verbal or physical assault, throughout the event, can be punished.

The degrees of punishment can be: a warning, disqualification, expulsion and consequent prohibition of registering in further events (at least in the following edition).

The use of offensive language, verbal assault in social networks, blogs, or pages of the Associação Abutrica and the Trilhos dos Abutres® will be punished with the prohibition of registration in the event, in the following edition, and blocked in social networks.

These conducts will be sanctioned according to the article 2.11.

Any contact with the organization should be done through the contact formulary available in the page or through the email:

The organization does not hold itself responsible for answering to any other forms of contact, namely: other emails of the Associação Abutrica or Facebook messages.

2. The race

The Associação Abutrica, with the support of Miranda do Corvo’s Municipal Council, Coimbra’s Municipal Council, Turismo Centro de Portugal Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Coimbra, Aldeias do Xisto and Dueceira, organize the Trilhos dos Abutres® event, during the 6, 7, 8 and 9 of June of 2019.


Trilhos dos Abutres® consists in 2 races:

  • Abutres World Trail Championships 2019, athletes selected by their national federations;
  • Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres, open race for the athletes that have submitted the criteria of clearing in the registrations (see point 3);
  • Abutres ExpoTrail ® – an exhibition of sports material, with a greater emphasis on Trail;
  • Gastronomic Fair;
  • Protocolary events of the Abutres World Trail Championships;
  • Awards ceremony of the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres.


The organization follows, permanently, the evolution of meteorological conditions, being able to cancel the race at any time.


Due to ‘force majeure’ reasons, the race may be cancelled, according to the legislation, during the critical period of fires.

Law n76/2017 of 17 August
2- The access, circulation and permanence of people and good are conditioned in the following terms:
a) When the index of fire risk is verified to be of high level and maximum, it is not allowed to access, circulate or remain in the interior of the areas referred in the previous number, as well as in forest trails, rural paths and other passageways that cross them;
b) When the index of fire risk is verified to be of high level, it is now allowed, in the interior of the areas referred in the previous number, to execute works that involve the use of machinery without the devices presented in article 30, develop any activities unrelated to forest and agricultural activities, as well as circulate with motorized vehicles in the forest trails, rural paths and other passageways that cross them;
c) When the index of fire risk is verified to be of high level and above, every person circulation in the interior of the areas referred in article 1 and in the forest trails, rural paths and other passageways that cross or enclose them, are required to identify themselves to the competent entities in inspection under the following law-decree.

The execution of this event is only possible with the help of the dozens of volunteers.


Participants must be correctly prepared with, at least, one hour of advance, correctly equipped and ready to participate in the race. There will be a control zero, which will open 1h30 before the race, and will close 10 minutes before the start.

The organization will not delay starts due to athletes’ delays, in which case they will be able to start the race with the existing delay.


Wednesday 5th June- Coimbra
12:30-15:00 | Lunch at hotel
19:30 | Dinner at hotel


Thursday 6th of June – Coimbra
07:00 | Breakfast at hotel
11:00 | TWC and UTA Press Conference
12:30-15:00 | Lunch at hotel
15:00 | Technical meeting at Vila Galé
16:00-18:00 |Secretariat opening for accreditations
18:00 | Opening ceremony of the 2019 Trail World Championships
19:00 | Dinner at hotel
21:00 | Meeting of the Health Policy Commission


Friday 7th of June – Coimbra
07:00 | Breakfast at hotel
09:00 | Start of medical testing (health policy of the ITRA)
11:00 | Secretariat opening for accreditations and anti-doping control
12:30-15:00 | Lunch at hotel
18:00| Expotrail inauguration
18:30| UTA secretariat opening (Miranda do Corvo)
17:30 | End of medical testing
18:30| UTA secretariat closing (Miranda do Corvo)


Saturday 8th of June – Miranda do Corvo
07:30 | Departure schedule of the buses for the TWC race (Coimbra > Miranda)
09:00 | Start of the Trail World Championships
10:00 | UTA secretariat opening
18:00 | Closure of the TWC race (at the finish line)
19:00 | Closing ceremony of the TWC
20:00 | Dinner at the VIP tent
21:00 | M80 party
22:00 | Return Schedule to the hotel (Miranda->Coimbra)
23:30| UTA secretariat closing (Miranda do Corvo) – pause between 19h – 20h


Sunday 9th of June – Miranda do Corvo
06:00 | UTA secretariat opening
09:00 | UTA secretariat closing
09:00 | Start of the UTA
19:00 | Closure of the UTA race (at the finish line)
19:00 | Closing ceremony of the UTA
21:00 | Theme party to be concluded

The courses of Trilhos dos Abutres® are composed by pathways, trails, old irrigation systems, forest roads, roads, historical areas, riversides, boulders, etc. Signalized zones of the Vila Nova Trail Running Stage are mainly used. However the trials aren’t completely closed, and in this sense the participants should have in consideration the fact that there might be vehicles, people and animals circulating in one or another direction of the trials’ courses.

The crossing of public roads must earn the maximum attention by the participants.

GPS tracks of the courses will be available, however, the signalization on the ground must prevail. This is done with the ‘abutres´® inscription (trademark of the Associação Abutrica) tapes, and red and white plates. The colour of the tapes will be revealed on the days before the event.

There will be defined alternative courses, to forearm the need of altering trails in the day of the trials.


*See the menu “Races” in

To avoid passing through more sensitive areas in a safety point of view, the following passage times are established:



To continue participating, athletes must arrive and exit from the control post before they close. Otherwise, disablement will be done, situation which implies the delivery of the Race bib/Chip to the organization. If the athlete decides to proceed in the course, it is at his own responsibility and full autonomy, and can be charged if evacuation or rescue services are required.

An electronic time control system will be used, by the intermediate of a chip placed in the race bib. In the control posts there will be an electronic carpet or another device that will record the athlete´s passage.

The marking of the course is the organization´s responsibility, and the athletes must respect it throughout the race, being expressly forbidden to opt to go through shortcuts.

Throughout the course, there will be four control posts. The athletes must stop in order to have the checkpoint registered on their race bib. The athletes must respect the order of arrival to the checkpoint. If the race bib is not in the front part of the body, at chest height, and always visible, the athlete must place it as recommended, and can be penalized. The course will be in an open-road system, the athlete is responsible for crossing roads, fulfilling the road traffic regulations.

The organization reserves itself the right to alter in any way the course and the position of the control or supply posts, without previous warning. In extreme weather conditions, or any other condition that puts the safety of the athletes at risk, the start can be delayed by a maximum of two hours, time period after which, the race is cancelled. The race can also be suspended, reduced, or stopped due to the previously mentioned weather conditions. In both cases there will be no refund right.

ABS 1 – Vila Nova | 6,4km (liquids)

ABS 2 – Senhora da Piedade | 15,4km (solids and liquids)

ABS 3 – Cadaval | 19km (liquids)

ABS 4 – Mestrinhas | 28km (solids and liquids)

ABS 5 – Gondramaz | 33,63km (liquids)

The organization will check with each athlete if they have this material, since the trial will unfold in areas that reach 950m of altitude, with great solar exposure. The temperatures, due to the time of the year, can surpass 35ºC.

The organization, according to the weather previsions, can alter the mandatory equipment.

Since there won´t be a blocking of road traffic, the participants must follow the traffic rules in localities and public roads, under the penalty of having to assume potential damage and compensations resulting from their infringement.

The supervisors of the race and those responsible for the checkpoints are responsible for the application of this regulations’ rules, and are thus authorized to apply the penalties and disqualifications established in the table below.


The participant assumes, by his free and spontaneous will, the risks and consequences resulting from the participation in the race, whether being moral, physical, material or any other kind. The organization, as well as anyone involved in the organization of this event, is exempted from the responsibility.

The registration in the race implies the total acceptance of the present regulation.

The IX edition of Trilhos dos Abutres is an ECO-event, all participants having to follow the organization’s recommendations, in terms of environment and sustainability

The organization agrees with the compulsory insurances through contract, according to the Law Decree nº 10/2009 of the 12th of January, for this type of race, being its prize included in the value of the registration. The payment of the insurance deductible, in case of accident, is of the exclusive responsibility of the athletes.

The organization will not assume incident expenses, of which it hasn’t been made aware of in timely manner to activate the insurance.

Any athlete that has suffered an accident during the trial should, until a maximum period of an hour after the closing of the finish line, implement the register of accident reports, with the Organization. Situations in which the athlete is transported by rescue means to a health unit are safeguarded, in which situations the athlete is given 48 hours to report by email (

For more information, see section 3.6 of this Regulation.

3. Registrations

The pre-registration or registration record, according to the race and modality of the registration process, must be done through the specific form that will be available on the website

Pre-registrations by email or cell phone will not be accepted. When doing the registration, the athletes who want to participate are accepting the general terms of the regulation.

The collection of the race bib depends on the display of the corresponding registration payment receipt and of an identification document.

The athletes with valid registrations will be notified in order to proceed with payment in 3 days, thus concluding the registration process.

An ATM reference will be emitted, through which the athlete must complete the payment until the deadline. The registration is automatically deleted in case the payment isn’t done during this time limit, consequently losing the opening. New payment references will not be emitted.


Vacancy distribution:

  • 100 organization (sponsors, totalists, guests, itra ranking, etc.)
  • 200 draw[1]
  • 100 solidary race bibs[2]
  • 150 foreigners
  • 100 accommodation packs[3]


Best results:

  • 50 first males in the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2018
  • 40 first males in the Trilhos dos Abutres 2018
  • 20 first females in the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2018
  • 10 first females in the Trilhos dos Abutres 2018
  • 40 first ten teams in the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres (4 vacancies each)
  • 40 first ten teams in the Trilhos dos Abutres 2018 (4 vacancies each)
  • 80 ATRP ranking of the Ultra Trail Championship (until the 16th of November)
  • 70 ATRP ranking of the Long Trail Championship (until the 16th of November)


Periods of pre-registrations and registrations:

  • The period of pre-registrations starts on the 16th of November 2018 and finishes on the 16th of December.
  • Validation from the 17th of December until the 4th of January 2019.
  • Draw on the 11th of January 2019 in ‘Casa das Artes’, Miranda do Corvo.
  • The enrollment period in the Solidarity Bib begins on January 18, 2019, it is accessible to all Athletes who have pre-registered, were drawn and were not able to place a vacancy. That same day they received instructions by email of the procedure to be taken, and the vacancies are limited to 100 registrations.




The Solidarity Race Bib will be used to attribute to non-profit entities in the region of Miranda do Corvo. The value of solidarity shall be the surplus of the normal value of each event. There will be no refund of the amount paid.

[1] If it exceeds the number of available places. If not, the clearance will be in order of entry.

[2]  value remaining at the registration price (€ 45)

[3] Registration at:

In case the athlete wishes to cancel their registration, they should contact the organization by the email All information referring to the registration and the IBAN must be provided.

The period of refunds is the following:


The organization will not allow an exchange of race bibs between athletes. The openings that become free due to withdrawals will be filled in according to the draw’s list order.

  • Race bib
  • Official event shirt
  • Athlete’s guide
  • Finisher award (if the arrival to the finish line is within the trial’s time limit)
  • Trophy for the first 3 places in each category (see point 4.1)

The secretariat will operate in the Jose Falcao Square in Miranda do Corvo, with the following schedule:

  • 7th of June (Friday) from 18h30 until 22h00;
  • 8th of June (Saturday) from 10h00 until 22h30;
  • 9th of June (Sunday) from 6h00 until 8h30.
  • Access to all supplies established by the organization
  • Time of personal timing
  • Support in health cares during the trial and in the arrival to the finish line
  • Shower
  • Recovery massage
  • Transportation for the arrival, in case of abandonment or being impeded by the organization to continue in the trial. We reinforce that the transport for the arrival is always dependent on the bus circulation, between the arrival and the collection points. The organization cannot define schedules. In case of withdrawal the athletes must go to the collection or safety points, with the exception of cases of illness/accident. The access to these services is dependent on the use of the bracelet, so it is encouraged that the athlete only remove the bracelet at the end of the event.
  • Companion kit (for one person)

– The organizer subscribes insurance of civil liability and personal accidents during the duration of the event. This insurance guarantees the minimum coverage of your responsibilities, those of your employees and participants.

– In the event of an accident, the participant must first contact the organization, which will arrange for their referral to the medical institution most appropriate to their state of health, together with the claim form with its policy number , stamped and signed by the club (policyholder). Sometimes, due to the urgency / severity of some accidents, it is impossible to fill out the participation in the event of the accident. In these circumstances, the claim may be treated after the participant has been given first aid.

– The claim to the insurer must occur up to a maximum of eight business days at the date of the claim. After this date, the insurer reserves the right not to accept such participation.

– Any document of expense related to a claim already participated, will be previously paid by the victim and his originals sent to the insurer for later reimbursement.

– All expenses are paid by the victim and then reimbursed by the insurer according to the insurance coverage, that is, if the insurance contribution is duly made and accepted by the insurer.

– The organization will not assume claims expenses, which it did not know in due time to activate the insurance.

– Coverages and Personal Accident Insurance Franchise

  • Death by Accident: € 28,530.00;
  • Permanent Disability by Accident: € 28,530.00 (10% deductible);
  • Accident Treatment Expenses: € 4,590.00 (Allowance: € 60.00 / person);
  • Funeral expenses: € 2,290.00;
  • Expenses with salvage operations, search, transp. € 1,000.00;
  • Age Limit: 75 years

NOTE: Expenses whose amounts exceed the amounts indicated above, the difference is only and exclusively borne by the victim. The organization declines any liability in this regard.

4. Definition of date, place and time of awards ceremony

Abutres Trail World Championships 2019

  • 8th of June – 19h00 – Calvário, Igreja Matriz, Miranda do Corvo


Ultra Trail Abutres 2019

  • 9th of June – 19h00 – Praça José Falcão, Miranda do Corvo

The age categories will be defined automatically according to the data given by the participants in registrations, and having as a reference the age that the athlete will have on the 31st of December of the current competitive season. Team classification will be attributed according to the 3 best times of the general.

At the race, there will be prizes for male and female generals.


5. Information

5. Informação

All information related to the event, and Miranda do Corvo, that isn´t referred in this regulation can be consulted in:

The accompanying kit is a service elaborated to allow any companion to be near the trails, in the locations with more interest, which are defined by the organization. In the past edition, this service was a success, leading the organization to repeat this innovative idea.

This service is supported by 3 buses which will go through the defined courses and established schedules. There will be a paper guide that contains all information. This guide will be given to the athlete when he collect his race bib, or in case of purchase in the day of the trial, in the sales counter.

The athlete is responsible for the transport of wrappings (identified with the race bib number) and other non-natural garbage, which come from gels, bars, etc. in their own CamelBack or Belt, depositing it in the nearest supply point or carrying it until the finish line.

It is not allowed to destroy or purposely alter any kind of natural element (walls, plantations, signals, marks, etc.) throughout the course.

The organizing entity reserves themselves to the exclusive right of Trilhos dos Abutres® image exploration, and photographical and journalistic audiovisuals of the event. Any project or publicity support produced for publishing must first obtain consent of the organization. The use of publicity materials given by the organization, (breastplates, stickers, etc.) is mandatory. Modifying, bending or hiding this material are actions that will be punished.

The acceptance of this regulation mandatorily implies that the participant authorizes the usage of their image to promote the trial in all communication systems (radio, written press, video, photography, internet, billboards, social networks, etc.) and grants all the right to its publicity and commercial exploration which is considered appropriate to execute, without right, by the athlete, to receive any economical compensation.

The data of the participants indicated in the registration forms will be registered by the organizing entity and StopandGo company, for processing effects in the event, namely the insurance company, participant list, news and classifications. All participants can exert their right of accessing, rectifying or annulling their personal data, by sending an email to In case the participant is an associate of the ATRP – Trail Running Portuguese Association, the act of registration presupposes the authorization of their data being transmitted for classification elaboration, statistics and event evaluation effects, procedures of the Association´s responsibility.

These rules can be edited, altered or improved at any moment by the organizing entity, without previous warning. The fact of registering implies the acceptance of the present regulation.

The organization will decide on all matters related with the event and that haven´t been an object of regulation or on bad interpretations of the present regulation