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Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres®

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ULTRA TRILHOS DOS ABUTRES® is a semi-self-sufficiency race with a total distance of 44 km, held on June 9th, 2019, starting at 9:00 AM, that runs the paths and tracks of the Serra da Lousã – Freguesia de Miranda do Corvo and Freguesia de Vila Nova, in the approximate distance of 44 km and 2.100 meters of accumulated positive difference, with beginning and end at Praça José Falcão in Miranda do Corvo.

The 9th edition of this mythical event in Portugal will host the 2019 World Trail Championships, where it will define the world champion and will be a unique experience for the participants, as the course will be identical to the world race. The great challenge of 2019!



Each athlete must be aware of the specific distances and difficulties of the races, their positive and negative slope, and of being adequately prepared physically and mentally.
If, before the event, you have acquired a real mountain autonomy capability that allows you to manage the problems that arise from this type of test, namely:

> To be able to face adverse environmental and climatic conditions (night, wind, snow, fog and rain) without outside help;
> Know how to manage the physical or mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscle and joint pain, minor injuries, etc .;
> Be accompanied by an athlete not registered within the designated areas;
> Take all mandatory material during the test;
> Put your garbage in the supplies provided by the organization.


  1. Except in cases of serious injury, the athlete must not leave outside a checkpoint. You must notify the organization that will register the waiver of the event.
  2. If the athlete is not injured, he should reach the nearest checkpoint in order to make the transport.
  3. In case of unfavorable weather conditions, which require the total or partial stop of the race, the organization ensures the evacuation, in the shortest time possible.
  4. Places; Vila Nova, Senhora da Piedade, Mestrinhas and Gondramaz.
    The course may change slightly to one month.

Access Conditions

• The pre-enrollment period starts on November 16, 2018 and ends on December 16.
• Validation from 17 December to 4 January 2019.
• Draw on January 11, 2019 at the Casa das Artes in Miranda do Corvo.


Vacancies and criteria
• 100 organization (sponsors, totalists, guests, itra ranking, etc.)
• 200 draw
• 100 supportive dorsals
• 150 foreigners
• 100 packs accommodation


Better results
• 50 first male in the Vultures Ultra Rails 2018
• 40 first male in the Rails of the Vultures 2018
• Top 20 Female Tracks on the Vultures Ultra Tracks 2018
• Top 10 women on the Rails of the Vultures 2018
• 40 first ten teams in the Ultra Rails of Vultures 2018 (4 places each)
• 40 first ten teams on the Rails of Vultures 2018 (4 places each)
• 80 Ultra Trail Championship ATRP ranking (until 16 November)
• 70 ATRP ranking of the Long Trail Championship (until 16 November)


For more information see the regulation.


(1) If it exceeds the number of available places. If not, the clearance will be in order of entry.
(2) Remaining value of the registration price (€ 45)
(3) Registration at:
Please send message so you can receive your registration voucher.