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September 2018

The Abutres were present at one of the largest and most media sporting events in the world, the UTMB, a Trail Running event that runs for 170km in France, Italy and Switzerland, leading to Chamonix a characteristic house in Gondramaz, one of the main Aldeias do Xisto which are part of the Miranda do Corvo region, which will host the next edition of the Trail World Championship. A unique and distinctive image of the other stands of the fair!

The 2019 World Running Trail Championship was officially presented today at the Convento de S. Francisco in Coimbra. It is confirmed that between June 6 and 9, 2019, the center of Portugal will be the center of the world in trail running. The best national and international mountain racing athletes will test the limits of their stamina in the most iconic race of the 2019 Trail World Championships. The sporting event will be part of the Trilhos dos Abutres, in Miranda do Corvo, a reference in Portugal. This candidacy was one of