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The Trilhos dos Abutres will be, for the first time, Campeonato Nacional de Trail Ultra of the Associação de Trail Running de Portugal.. The word that best defines the organization every year is: overcoming! The Abutrica Association aims, precisely, to surpass the Trail World Championships hosted in 2019 and to highlight the Portuguese athletes who, in this 10th edition, will travel "the best course of all editions, with the fusion of the Trail Running World Championships course. and the classic Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres. " The organization, which receives many accolades every year,

A Associação Abutrica tem o imenso orgulho em informar que o filme "Abutres 2019 Trail World Championship", filme produzido pela Slideshow, Lda em parceria com a Cream Sports Agency para activação do Abutres 2019 TWC, está nomeado para a categoria de "Melhor Filme de Turismo (Competição Nacional)", no ART & TUR - International Tourism Film Festival. The Abutrica Association is proud to report that the movie "Abutres 2019 Trail World Championship", a film produced by Slideshow, Lda in partnership with Cream Sports Agency for activation of the Abutres 2019 TWC, is nominated for the

Francesinha  (little french woman) is a sandwich only by the definition that it contains meat between the bread. You're definitely not going to eat with your hand, Francesinha. It contains ham, steak and sausage, hidden between thick slices of bread. The sandwich coating are layers of melted cheese and a secret sauce that contains beer, tomatoes, peppers and apparently even more meat.  Originally from Braga, in the north of the country, Pudim Abade de Priscos is an incomparably sumptuous pudding, made with sugar, many egg yolks, pork fat and wine. These latter

Familiarize yourself with basic Portuguese as a good day / afternoon / evening, special words like help, even how to order coffee properly. In Portugal, if you order a coffee you will receive an espresso, which may be too strong for some people who prefer a meia de leite (half coffee and half milk), a galão (a dose of espresso with triple the milk) , or any other coffee-based blend.   Hello Olá (oh-lah) Good morning Bom dia (bom dee-ah) Good evening Boa tarde (bo-ah tar-deh) How are you? Como está? (ko-mo es-tah) I’m well, and you? Eu estou bem, e tu?

The Vulture woke up! This is the motto for the official song of Trilhos dos Abutres, song written for the 2019 Trail World Champions, but it will be forever. In January, during the 2019TWC Official Gala, the Vulture anthem was revealed under the title "The Vulture Awakened". With lyrics and production by Pedro Janela, and with the voice of Sérgio Fernandes, it is expected to become a true anthem of the (and to the) Abutres. This is the music that will be given the "starting shot" in the events, so it's good to start

   Ultra Sanabria by Stages is a partner of Trilhos dos Abutres! This is a mountain event that will take place in the Natural Park of Lake Sanabria and its surroundings in Zamora. October 9 to 13, 2019, in an edition that will include the following distances:   Glacier Race = 256km (11000+) Ultra = 110km (6000+) 3 steps GTSA = 62km (3000+) Masa = 42km (2400+) GPDZ = 33km (1640+) GPCR = 20km (700+)   These tracks will pass through the splendid Natural Park of the Lake of Sanabria where the athletes will be able to enjoy its fantastic landscapes. The children

We talked to the former female winners of UTA and found out what changed after the victory for them, as well as the specifics of the tracks. And they also gave recommendations to next participants!   CÁRMEN PIRES (2012) Q: What distinguishes the Trilhos dos Abutres from other national races? A: The Trilhos dos Abutres distinguish themselves from the other races by their excellent organization and the unique landscapes that we witness every km. Q: What has changed for you after the victory at the Trilhos dos Abutres? A: My victory at the Trilhos dos Abutres

The Abutres were present at one of the largest and most media sporting events in the world, the UTMB, a Trail Running event that runs for 170km in France, Italy and Switzerland, leading to Chamonix a characteristic house in Gondramaz, one of the main Aldeias do Xisto which are part of the Miranda do Corvo region, which will host the next edition of the Trail World Championship. A unique and distinctive image of the other stands of the fair!

The 2019 World Running Trail Championship was officially presented today at the Convento de S. Francisco in Coimbra. It is confirmed that between June 6 and 9, 2019, the center of Portugal will be the center of the world in trail running. The best national and international mountain racing athletes will test the limits of their stamina in the most iconic race of the 2019 Trail World Championships. The sporting event will be part of the Trilhos dos Abutres, in Miranda do Corvo, a reference in Portugal. This candidacy was one of

Organized by the Trilhos dos Abutres, the Trail Running World Championship 2019, taking place in Portugal on 8 June, is supported by Berg as the main sponsor. Between June 7 and 9, 2019, the world championship of trail running will be played on Portuguese soil. Top athletes and mountain top athletes will cut the goal of the Trail World Championships 2019 in Miranda do Corvo in the region of Coimbra. A choice that has nothing to chance. After all, it is there that you cross the Trilhos dos Abutres, the circuit