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Trilhos dos Abutres, "An EPIC race". Portuguese Ultra trail Running, from Miranda do Corvo

14 delicacies not to be missed when you come to TWC

  1. Francesinha  (little french woman) is a sandwich only by the definition that it contains meat between the bread. You’re definitely not going to eat with your hand, Francesinha.
    It contains ham, steak and sausage, hidden between thick slices of bread. The sandwich coating are layers of melted cheese and a secret sauce that contains beer, tomatoes, peppers and apparently even more meat.
  2.  Originally from Braga, in the north of the country, Pudim Abade de Priscos is an incomparably sumptuous pudding, made with sugar, many egg yolks, pork fat and wine. These latter two atypical ingredients for a pudding, but the effect results in a smooth and velvety texture.
  3. Bacalhau – it is said that in Portugal there are 365 different ways of cooking cod.
  4. Pastel de Belém e Pastel de Nata – the pastéis de nata  are one of the best known candies in Portugal; the Portuguese usually eat it with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top.
  5. Polvo à lagareiro – this dish consists of octopus cooked and then grilled, washed with lots of olive oil, accompanied by potatoes and cooked vegetables.
  6. Fish and seafood – due to its coastline, much of the Portuguese cuisine is made up of fish and seafood.
  7. Cheeses – Portugal reveals excellence when it comes to gastronomy and one of the main factors is its cheeses, being examples the Queijo da Serra, o Queijo de Azeitão.
  8. Olive oil – olive oil is not a dish itself, but since it is part of most dishes, it plays an important role.
  9. Chanfana old goats, already useless in the herd, after being slaughtered they are cut into cubes and cooked in the oven in small pieces. A determining factor is that the meat is covered with wine, which contributes to the excellent flavor obtained.
  10. Sopa de Casamento – it is a use of the chanfana sauce, which is never fully consumed, to which are added the pieces of meat still available, cabbage and leftover bread.
  11. Negalhos – goat’s sausage cut into large bites; gut tripe cut into small pieces; Red wine; heads of whole garlic; mint; salt; colorau; blond pyri-pyriol.
  12. Bucho – this is a delicacy made from the use of the stomach of the pig.
  13. Nabada– the nabada consists of a sweet from the Monastery of Santa Maria de Semide, elaborated by the monks of that monastery; is a sweet type jam, made of turnips and sugar.
  14. Sarrabulho – it is a dish made from pork, considered by many to be a real treat, associated with the slaughter of the pig, which is usually accompanied by turnip greens and boiled potatoes.