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Trilhos dos Abutres, "An EPIC race". Portuguese Ultra trail Running, from Miranda do Corvo

The Abutres anthem

The Vulture woke up!

This is the motto for the official song of Trilhos dos Abutres, song written for the 2019 Trail World Champions, but it will be forever.

In January, during the 2019TWC Official Gala, the Vulture anthem was revealed under the title “The Vulture Awakened”.

With lyrics and production by Pedro Janela, and with the voice of Sérgio Fernandes, it is expected to become a true anthem of the (and to the) Abutres.

This is the music that will be given the “starting shot” in the events, so it’s good to start learning the lyrics!

To help, we gave another apearence to this anthem, adding to the music and lyrics, truly epic images of this great event.



The world is your track.
Your Fight Ring
The trail in you persists
Are you ready for a fight?

Courage comes to life
The limits are tight
In the sights of a desire
Boil glories of a past

Your steps tell you who you are.
In the view you see the shelter
In the chest you have the courage
In the legs a friend

Want and be beyond
At the vanguard of Living
In each step you affirm
I’m a Abutre until I die

In each step I affirm
The track is your path
In each step I affirm
Abutres go on the track

Besides I am, Stiff I go
Besides I am, the Abutre has woken up

I am Abutres !!
I am Abutres !!

Production and arrangements: Pedro Janela
Voices: Sérgio Fernandes
MasterMix Studios