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Brush up on some Portuguese vocabulary

Familiarize yourself with basic Portuguese as a good day / afternoon / evening, special words like help, even how to order coffee properly.
In Portugal, if you order a coffee you will receive an espresso, which may be too strong for some people who prefer a meia de leite (half coffee and half milk), a galão (a dose of espresso with triple the milk) , or any other coffee-based blend.


Hello Olá (oh-lah)
Good morning Bom dia (bom dee-ah)
Good evening Boa tarde (bo-ah tar-deh)
How are you? Como está? (ko-mo es-tah)
I’m well, and you? Eu estou bem, e tu? (eu es-tou behm, eh too?)
Please Por favor (por fa-vor)
Thank you Obrigado (ob-ree-gah-doh)
You’re welcome De nada (de na-dah)
Yes Sim (sim)
No Nao (naoum)
I’m Sorry Desculpa (des-kool-pah)
Excuse me Com licença (kom lee-sen-sah)
I don’t understand Não compreendo (naoum kom-preh-en-doh)
Do you speak English? Fala inglês? (fa-la in-gles)
How much is… ? Quanto custa… ? (kwan-toh kos-tah)
Where is… ? Onde é… ? (ond-jeh eh)
The bill, please A conta, por favor (a koh-tah por fa-vor)
May I please have… Pode dar me…, por favor? (pod-je dar meh por fa-vor)
When? Quando? (kwan-doh)