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First, a brief history of Portugal Over the centuries, Portugal was occupied by the Romans, Phoenicians, Visigoths and Moors. Portugal lived a relatively peaceful century until the XI century. The Moors were expelled by King Fernando I of Leon and Castile, Portugal was declared as an independent nation in 1143 and, in 1255, Lisbon became the nation's capital. During the XIV and XV centuries, Portugal developed as one of the most powerful nations in the world, with colonies in Brazil, Malacca, Goa and Macau. In 1755, a devastating earthquake originated a tsunami that completely

Prozis X-Motion range was chosen by the FPA / ATRP to dress the Portuguese team at the Trail World Championships. One of the main goals was making sure the athletes wore comfortable, reliable clothing so as to promote maximum performance. Several options were considered, and the choice fell to the specific Trail Running clothing line by Prozis: the new X-Motion range launched last February (National team equipment photo/Jersey with green and red details with the word Portugal). The key words were comfort, lightness and reliability. The ideal balance between comfort and performance

Athletes who will participate in the 2019TWC and Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres, must keep in mind the following info: The warnings about the track, Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres (June 9) will be made at the following event (we recommend "Going"):   The athletes of national teams receive the information directly by their responsible, although, there is an event only for the national teams (we recommend that you put "Going"):   All the information about the course, altimetry, supplies, mandatory material ..: UTA (June 9): TWC (June 8): Events Program:

An epic event needs an epic playlist! Trilhos dos Abutres always excelled in having good music throughout their events, energy-packed music to cheer up all the athletes who are preparing to run the tracks, or who reach the finish line with accomplished mission. That's why we have created a playlist for the Abutres to accompany you in your training and / or your races, and to feel the motivation and strength of the Abutres always with you.

It is exponential the number of national teams  and athletes registered for this challenge, with 55 teams and more than 400 athletes "on the way" of the Abutres 2019TWC, a record number in what concerns the Trail World Championships.   As for the men's teams, the big highlight goes to Spain and France that appear as favorites, but Italy, Great Britain and the USA (teamwith higher number of ITRA points)arrive quite strong to this Trail World Championships. In addition to these, Romania is extremely strong, having 3 top world athletes in their

With 9 years of Trilhos dos Abutres, we are inspired by the past, we are proud of the present and believe in the future. To all the generations of athletes who have already crossed our tracks, thank you, this is our tribute! "𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙞𝙩 𝙀𝙋𝙄𝘾!" A Slideshow and Cream video.     Berg Outdoor An organization: Associação Abutrica Federação Portuguesa de Atletismo ITRA - International Trail Running Association International Association of Ultrarunners With the support: Câmara Municipal de Miranda do Corvo Município de Coimbra Turismo Centro de Portugal CIM Região de Coimbra Aldeias do Xisto IPDJ - Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude, I.P. Iniciatica/Programas Co-Financiadores: Dueceira iNature Serra da

The previous UTA ​​winners talked with us and have a lot to say! Recommendations, 2019TWC among others, are the topics discussed.   LUÍS MOTA (2011) Q: What distinguishes the Trilhos dos Abutres from other national races? A: The "Abutres" were born in a simple way, in a fire station, by the advices of the charismatic trail personalities and learning of some young people of Miranda do Corvo. It is a mixture of teaching, of the most experienced and learning of young adventurers. There is hardly any athlete in Portugal who has not yet participated, or

Tiago Araújo, takes the Trail Running World Championships to the “Nas 4 Linhas”, program of the Porto Canal television channel, and revealed some news! This year, record numbers have been reached in terms of number of teams and athletes present in the Championship, with 53 teams and 400 athletes scheduled. The Center of Portugal will be the scenery of this event and promises to leave all the spectators marveling at the nooks and crannies of the region. Watch here:  

The Abutre woke up! Last Friday, the 2019TWC Presentation Gala was held. But, the most awaited moment, was the draw of pre-registered for the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres 2019. We leave here the complete list of all the raffles, with the first 200 had direct entry and received SMS to complete the registration: ⚠️ If, within 3 days, they did not make the registration regularization (payment), the registration is canceled, consequently losing the vacancy, which reverts to the next athlete on the waiting list. ⚠️ No new payment references will be issued, as indicated

"O Abutre acordou” (the Vulture woke up). So says the official song of Trilhos dos Abutres, first released at the 2019 Trail World Championship Gala. And the framework could not be better: officially, the event that brings to Portugal the best of the world has begun this weekend in Miranda do Corvo.   With the presence of distinguished entities and athletes, the Gala of presentation of the 2019 Trail World Championships, and drawing for the Ultra Trilhos dos Abutres, took place last friday, at the Casa das Artes de Miranda do Corvo.   The